Dry cleaning service

Supaclean has been providing dry cleaning services since 1986, so we have a lot of experience in the industry. We take great care to ensure that every item is cleaned exactly as it was printed on the label, checked for any stains, and pre-spotted if needed. The pressing process is done using steam on a steam press, so that no items are burned. We only use dry cleaning machines from Italy, which are some of the world's leading dry cleaning machines. Since the early 1930s, dry cleaning technology has advanced greatly, making dry cleaners safer and more user-friendly.

Key cutting service.

We offer key duplication services at certain of our  stores, just for your convenience!

Shoe repair service

We are passionate about heeling your shoes and will do whatever it takes to get them back to their original condition. Our cobblers are highly trained and experienced in repairing all kinds of shoes, from new leather soles to heel repairs to stitching. We will repair your shoes and provide you with a 3-month warranty on all work. Stitching is a very special skill, so you can bring your shoes to any branch for stitching and we will send them back to you.

" We love to heel your sole"

Tailor and alterations

Let our seamstress sort out any problems you may have. If you need alterations ,mending , zyps or any other tailoring we are here to assist you. 

Laundry services

As an industrial operation we clean many different types of clothing, from Aprons to ZOOT suits.
From  guest houses to  restaurants make use of our services.
All garments are cleaned with the suitable wash process, some require less heat and chemicals, but we also do chemical and thermic disinfection.

Garment Rental

In this ever changing world make it easier for your staff and your business.
The garment rental solution takes the hassle’s out of buying uniforms and cleaning them. All uniforms are individualy named and logo's are embroidered for a complimentary corporate look. 

Let us do it for you , with no initial capital outlay and all garments cleaned professionally, you’ll never want to go back. With an efficient, professional team, we ensure that everything is left brilliantly clean. You can trust us to do a great job every time. Contact us to find out more about our services today!